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The Earth is Ours to Borrow


california - january 2014

So this happened.


Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”

(via propastanation)

  • mum: can you-
  • me: *groans for 17 hours*

So here’s what happened: my flights went Denver->Charlotte->Richmond.
Denver to Charlotte flight was delayed therefore I missed my flight out of Charlotte to Richmond. The next flight to Richmond is 11am tomorrow so I ended up bawling my eyes out in the airport from anxiety, frustration, etc. because I really didn’t wanna be sleeping/hanging out in the airport for twelve hours.
Told Brenden all about it and the kid got me a hotel room.
I have no words or enough thanks for him.
Because of him I’m in a comfy bed and no more anxiety. Also there is a free shuttle to and from the airport so boom.
Love love love love love you